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Vizsla puppy - Olive

We’re first time dog owners, so we knew we had a lot to learn but the only thing we did know was that we wanted to raise Olive with kindness and not fear based techniques. Ryan is such a lovely person who is very knowledgeable, calming and patient - you can see he is passionate about what he does and adores dogs. We asked a LOT of questions about a number of puppy issues which he addressed with practical, easy to understand techniques (some that worked immediately) but he also provided explanations as to what motivated the behaviour. Having this deeper understanding of the causes and/or reactions has allowed us greater tolerance and patience when training and also given us the confidence to tackle any new unwanted behaviour.

I highly recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to nurture a relationship with their dog, so that they have a happy, loving and loyal champion.

Owner of Olive and two less well trained young children!


As first time dog owners, and having a puppy that had been unwell, we needed a trainer that would help us to understand basic training and also be able to adapt that to her health problems and what she was able to do at the time. Ryan totally understood both our and our puppy’s needs- helping us through any problems or questions we had. His calm and kind approach helped Lily to feel comfortable and confident in the sessions, improving her trust and therefore our confidence in it too.

We would highly recommend Ryan to anyone seeking a calm, trustworthy and knowledgeable dog trainer.

                                              Owner of Lily the Cockapoo


We can’t recommend RL dog training highly enough. We called Ryan shortly after we acquired Ted, our 2 year old rescue greyhound. Ted isn’t our first rescue greyhound but he is the youngest and biggest dog we’ve had. Ryan has been brilliant with Ted from day one and Ted absolutely loved his training sessions! Not only did Ryan teach us how to train Ted in a fun and positive way, he also helped us to understand and manage any unwanted behaviour. Ryan has been instrumental in helping Ted navigate his new life, and we now have a relaxed, happy and well behaved dog, who can cope in a variety of situations. We can’t thank Ryan enough.

                   Owner of Ted the ex-racing rescue greyhound


We got a new puppy earlier in the year, she turned out to be very challenging. Having met Ryan before on a group puppy training class, we could see him and our dog Wren had a connection so enlisted his help.

It has been a very tough few months and to be honest even though we are experienced dog owners we wouldn’t have managed without his help.

Ryan is very down to earth and explains in simple terms why the dog is exhibiting behaviours and provides practical solutions.

Although our dog still needs work we feel much more confident moving forwards. To be blunt Wren was so challenging it would have been easy to give up on her, Ryan really helped and encouraged us, we quickly started to see some lovely traits starting to come out in her.

We highly recommend Ryan and although our training and Wrens training with him has come to an end for the time being we will certainly be using him again in the future.

                                              Owner of Wren the Lab x Collie 


Ryan is fantastic with dogs and humans alike. He takes time to observe problem behaviours in your dog and the unwitting mistakes of the owners to help correct both. Our rescue dog has made loads of progress after a 5 session package. There are also helpful video links on the website to maintain training basics.
We are delighted that we chose RL Dog Training and our dog adores him!

                                 Owner of Angel the Serbian street dog


                                              Owner of Ronnie the Cockapoo

We would highly recommend RL Dog training, when we started training with Ryan we had a very excitable 6 month cockapoo going through teething and early adolescence. We were looking for a dog trainer who could help us train through this stage.

Ryan taught us and Ronnie some really valuable training exercises, helped with jumping up, loose lead walking, emergency stop, recall and how to calm/ manage Ronnie when he gets so excited meeting other dogs. Ryan also gave us lots of other great tips how to easily keep your dog entertained.

We would really recommend RL Dog Training he has a very calm, friendly postive reinforcement approach, which is how to train your dog the right way. Ryan is very knowledgeable about dogs and always had an answer for us about dog behaviour and other things. If you are looking for a caring and passionate dog trainer we would recommend RL Dog Training

dog training sprocker.jpg

Ryan was brilliant with my dog Lenny. he is 11 months old Sproker we rehomed him from a lady. He was extremely nervous, especially of men but he took to Ryan so well. He thoroughly enjoyed his sessions you could see the happiness in his face when working. His recall was the problem and although we have a little way to go it's improved so much. thankyou so much Ryan you did a great job with Lenny. I highly recommend RL Dog Training.

                                              Owner of Lenny the Sprocker


“My Wife and I acquired our first puppy on the 010722

A male springer spaniel not knowing what to expect we

Needed the help of a professional dog trainer.

On the first visit to us at home Ryan was like a magician with

Lucas and he has taught us a lot about the behaviour of our very

Lively puppy. [worth every penny of the cost ]

It has been an eye opener for all three of us and I would highly

Recommend Ryan and will continue to seek his support both

Now and in the future .”

                                    Owner of Lucas the Springer Spaniel

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