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Canine Training and Behaviour - Based in Axminster, East Devon
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My first best pal and I were born a week apart. Since then I have understood the very special connection between a human and a dog. I believe helping a dog feel safe and confident while educating them and us,  without using fear or pain, is the best way to return all that our best friends give to us.

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dog trainer in Axminster
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As an accredited  member of the IMDT & APDT, I have undergone a rigorous assessment processes to meet the high standards expected. 

Registered Animal Training Instructor (ATI) with the ABTC.

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Safe hands

All the training methods I use are science-based and force-free. I am a qualified pet first aider and a fully insured dog trainer

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Have you ever wondered why so many people judge a dog based on its vision when that's not their primary sense? That's why I have trained to be a member of the World Scent Dog Association WSDA.

Let's get those noses going

World Scent Dog Association WSDA
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Axminster - East Devon

 07393 637488

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Please be aware I work within a five-mile radius of Axminster

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