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1 to 1 Consultation £55

In a 1-2-1 Consultation, your dog has 100% attention on them in a low distraction environment that will give them the best chance to succeed. I use science-based and force-free methods. I will help you understand how dogs learn and how they see the world with ALL their senses.

We can cover anything you like including common issues such as;

Loose lead walking - Recall - Reactivity - House Training - Fears and Phobias and so many other problems our dogs run into. On the other paw, your dog may just need some bond building or enrichment. Each 1-2-1 will take an hour and you will receive a written report with and access to exclusive video content to help you train

Lesson bundles are available below 

1-2-1 C
  • This is a 3, 5 or 7 weekly 1 hour 1-2-1 session package

  • Your package will be bespoke, designed for you and your dog’s needs

  • You will get a written report from each session

  • Access to exclusive video content to help you train

  • Between session support 


Beaumont Bundle
x 3 Sessions

C pack 2.png

Colonel Bundle
x 5 Sessions

R pack 2.png

Raffi Bundle 
x 7 Sessions

Puppy Package
K pack.png

Kira - The Puppy Package

The Puppy Package is 5 week 1 hour 1-2-1 sessions designed to help your puppy through the most important time of his or her life. Time and energy spent here sets puppy up for a happy life and helps prevent future problems. Your package will be bespoke designed to your pups needs and will also cover basic training, teething/chewing/biting, socialization, toilet training, fear, puppy manners, and lots more. You will get a written report from each session and access to exclusive video content to help you train. I will be available for between-session support. 

Cost £250


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Have you ever found it strange why so many people train dogs using vision and sound when their primary sense is their sense of smell.
What our dogs can do with their nose is nothing less than a superpower and when we use that superpower to have fun, we make happier, more confident and satisfied dogs.

raffi and  kira 1.jpg
  • Learn about your dog's sense of smell

  • Learn how to use scent for calm mental enrichment

  • Learn how to set up fun searches for your dog

  • Teach your dog to find important items like car keys


Two 1-2-1 sessions of one hour each


Nose Fun Course

raffi and  kira 1.jpg

Get ready to see just how clever your best friend really is

  • Dig deep into the workings of your dog’s sense of smell

  • Training exercises from the World Scent Dog Association 

  • You and your dog will learn how to execute passive searches on tiny objects

  • Learn how to set up large active searches and have your dog retrieve items for you.

Five 1-2-1 sessions of one hour each


Scent Detection Fun Course

World Scent Dog Association WSDA
Hoopers - Agility



Canine Hoopers is a fun and fast-growing new dog sport. It is a low-impact type of agility where the dogs run under hoops, around barrels and through tunnels. The best thing about Hoopers is that it is suitable for dogs of all ages and their owners.


We will be starting group sessions in early 2024

so please register your interest here and we'll send you more information.

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